Dents & Scratches? Get SMART

Affordable cosmetic repair for dents, kerbed alloy wheels, scratches & bumper scuffs

Scuffs & Dents Conjuring up £ Signs?  Not Any More

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we’ll begin.

Once upon a time, a bump to your pride and joy provoked an instant feeling of despair at the thought of having to spend a small fortune returning your vehicle to it’s former glory.

And then Prince Charming/your Fairy Godmother (choose as appropriate) came along and told you all about SMART repair; the affordable way to repair paintwork scratches, chips and dents.

You seized the moment and opted to proceed with a SMART repair. No time was wasted and work was swift (same day).  As if by magic, the damage seemed to simply disappear, right in front of your eyes.

Honda bodywork and bumper accident repairs by Premier Coachworks

How Did The Story End?

Well, the SMART repair was quicker than going to an auto bodyshop which saved you heaps of precious time and your vehicle was back with you quicker than you could wave a magic wand.

It also saved you lots of £s and, naturally… you lived happily ever after.

SMART Repair Results Are Amazing!

Here’s some cars we’ve lovingly repaired for our customers…

How Do You Benefit From A SMART Repair?

In lots of ways. A SMART repair:

Saves you ££s – why pay for the repair and respray of a whole side of your car when only a small, damaged area needs restoring?  It’s much more cost effective to treat the affected area


Quick turnaround – repairs are usually completed on the same day they’re started


It may not affect your No Claims Discount – because the cost is lower, you may decide not to claim on your insurance, therefore your no claims discount won’t be affected


Selling your car? Retain its value – scratches and chips can harm the resale value of your car.  SMART repairs can pay for themselves very quicky and help your car to retain its value

What Are SMART Repairs?

SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technique

It has reduced the need to visit a specialised auto bodyshop for repairs

A SMART repair is the affordable way to repair dents, kerbed alloy wheels, scratches and bumper scuffs

It’s also perfect for cosmetic scratches and dints

Accident Repair to Mazda bodywork and bumper by Premier Coachworks

How Do SMART Repairs Work?

Small dents that haven’t affected the paintwork can be manipulated to gently remove the dent without the need for filler or paint


Damaged paint can be treated by sanding down the affected area and applying filler, dried by a heater.  The area is then rubbed down before being spray painted, laquered and polished to look as good as new

Accident Repair to Qashqai bodywork by Premier Coachworks

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